Here you are: Floor standing Digi-Tablet

Floor standing Digi-Tablet

The floor standing Digi-Tablet is a sleek and elegant looking tablet display that elegantly integrates any tablet into its body.

This versatile and free standing solution provides you with great options for permanent placement, tradeshows or exhibits.


An outstanding feature is that Digi-Tablet is available for any 9,7" to 12" tablet (iPad2, 3, 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab3 etc.).


The bezel frame is interchangeable providing you the flexibility and economic safety that you can easily swap to another type of tablet by simply changing the frame. You don't have to invest in a new stand alone enclosure.


The display is available in any color and graphic and branded artwork can be applied.


We believe these features makes Digi-Tablet one of the markets most attractive, durable and long-lasting floor standing tablet solutions.


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