Here you are: Digi-Function


Digi-Function in either 19" (4:3) or 22" wide screen is the most functional kiosk in or product range. It is a very flexible and user friendly kiosk which makes it ideal for self service.


Using a key the front of the kiosk can be opened, making the kiosk extremely easy to service with access to all technical components like keyboard, printer, card reader, coin and note acceptor etc.


It is also possible to place a monitor in different heights on both front and back on the Digi-Function kiosk, making the kiosk very children- and disabled- friendly as well. The kiosk is available in any colour or size.


Download datasheet Download user manual

Application possibilities for Digi-Function:


  • Internet touch screen kiosk
  • Self service touch screen kiosk
  • Information touch screen kiosk
  • Play stations for gaming in restaurants
  • Exhibition touch screen kiosk
  • Terminals within internet cafes
  • Payment kiosk
  • Ticket selling kiosk
  • Etc.