Here you are: Indoor Kiosks

Kiosks - reliable and versatile

Digi-Kiosk has a wide product range fulfilling almost any kiosk requirement for indoor use.


All our kiosks solutions are constructed from a flexible set of light aluminium profiles originally developed with the aim of creating a "modular system" which is as flexible as possible in terms of production and maintenance of the kiosks.


It makes no difference to us if you wish to incorporate customized applications such as a card reader, printer, scanner etc. And no matter what size you required, our versatile modular system always provides the perfect solution. At Digi-Kiosk "custom made" is a standard. 

The design and quality is at the top end of the market, our products are operationally reliable, and the unique modular system ensures, for example, that changing a monitor can easily be accomplished by an unskilled operative.


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