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Digi-Kiosk design and produce an extensive range of kiosk solutions - for indoor as well as outdoor use - digital signage and tablet displays. Our products are made in Denmark, providing priceless flexibility in terms of delivery time, service and support.

All our products are available in whatever colours you like and we offer a number of options, if you wish to elevate your communication adding branded graphics and artworks to the surface of our products.

In addition we offer a variety of valuable applications that can be incorporated in Kiosk, e.g. card reader, printer, scanner etc.


Each kiosk enclosure is made from high quality, ultra-thin, light, aluminium profiles and the construction is based on a unique modular system that ensures an efficient and sustainable production.

Constructing a kiosk using the Digi-Kiosk system allows the final product to be produced in whatever size required.


The timeless design originates from strong Danish traditions in line with modern design and the products are carefully designed to fit into any surrounding and environment.


We offer tailor-made products based on the needs and demands of our customers. So don´t hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help you.