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December 2017:

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Dear customers, partners colleagues and friends, thank you all for yet another satisfying year.

We will especially remember 2017 as the year, where we received the largest outdoor kiosk project in the history of our company. We see the project as a strong recognition of our outdoor kiosk experience. In addition, we have strengthened our organization with a new employee.

We are looking forward to sharing next year with you.


Kind Regards - from all of us at Digi Kiosk.



October 2017:

We´re growing our organisation - new technician appointed

We have added a new member to our daily team, by the appointment of Henning Stech Jensen, as technician.

Recently Henning worked at Nordic Box, a company designing and producing cargo- and tool boxes primarily for the truck industry. Henning holds an extensive knowledge and experience within areas such as metal work, glass, electronic and carpentry.

With his wide-ranging skill set, high sense of finish, craftsmanship and dedication to quality, we are confident that Henning will be a valuable addition to our organisation.



October 2016:

A best-seller comes in several new sizes

We now offer our freestanding digital signage product, called XL, in a number of new sizes, ranging from 32" to 55" as part of our standard assortment. Visit our Flickr profile to have a closer look!



January 2016:

Have a glimpse of one of our Classics´ in a brand new robe

Since 2011 the kiosk enclosure named Classic, has been a familiar face in our continuously growing assortment. It is a traditional free standing kiosk that can be customized to support any self-service application.


The Classic is now available in a more modern design! The new version has a slim and leaner design, using a 22" All-In-One Tablet PC with PCAP touch, similar to the touch technology you´ll find on iPhones and iPads.

Get a closer encounter on our Flickr profile:


Contact us at +45 2184 6384 and find out more about this new Classic.



December 2015:

We´re moving!

Please note that as of 1st January 2016 our new address is Kløvermarken 35, 7190 Billund, Denmark.



October 2015:

Very strong demand during this summer

We have enjoyed a very high summer activity and we´re pleased to have provided kiosks and tablet solutions to numerous projects around the world. Images from some of these projects are now available on out Flickr profile:


In addition, you are always more than welcome to follow us - and automatically stay updated - on LinkedIn and Facebook:



April 2015:

Introducing a new wallmounted 46" outdoor kiosk

In line with our familiar outdoor kiosk assortment this new model is designed to fulfil the challenging and harsh conditions that an outside location set. The screen size is 46", it is in landscape position and the high-bright monitor guarantees a crystal clear image and easy readability regardless of the amount of sunlight. The first examples of this new kiosk are already part of a digital signage and wayfinding project employed by signagemaker Modulex.


Selected features of the new outdoor kiosk:

- 46" HB-monitor in landscape mode

- Wall-mounted

- Weatherproof design

- Service friendly kiosk with front door opening and security lock system

- Anti-vandalism construction


Images of the new kiosk:



March 2015:

When Mini turns big! We're pleased to have delivered a three figured number of tablet frames to an international client. The project emphasizes the fast-growing use of tablets within the area of digital signage and kiosks.


Images of the great-looking tablet frames are found here:


These white tablet frames are tailor-made for an iPad Mini. As an extra feature the frames have a tiny and discrete keyhole and with our special key the user has an easy access to the power button.


November 2014:

We have invested in new production machinery

We are happy to announce that we now expand our production capacity with a new flexible CNC-router. The new router is perfect for medium to heavy use environment and the system allow us quickly to process materials such as aluminium, acrylic and etronit in a variety of thicknesses.

This router is a valuable addition to our production facility and we expect that the extra capacity will improve our ability to produce customised kiosks and our On Time Delivery ratio.


October 2014:

Tailor-made digital signage defines challenging tropic environment

This summer Digi Kiosk has supplied a number of customized kiosks for an exciting new project at a highly regarded and well visited botanic garden in Denmark. The place is called Greenhouses, located right in the heart of the city of Aarhus. The place is home to more than 4.000 plant species from all around the world and is visited by more than 60.000 visitors each year. The project has been managed by Redia, a Danish software and digital design company.

In September the Greenhouses opened a brand new tropical greenhouse. As part of a major modernisation of the area Redia was asked to design an innovative solution that would allow visitors to step into the botanical world, not only physically but digitally and interactively as well. Given Digi Kiosk's modular and flexible kiosk system and the company's excellent track record working with tailor-made solutions both indoor and outdoor, Digi Kiosk was asked to participate.

An extreme humidity of 90%, high temperatures, direct sunlight and drops of water are just a few of the unfriendly challenges that the tropical greenhouse put forward. On top of these difficult conditions, the client requested a solution that was small, had inbuilt features and a top of the range interactive user experience. The answer to this was a number of new customized kiosks designed to withstand these harsh conditions.

You can see plenty of images of the tailor-made kiosks and read much more about this exciting project on our Flickr profile:



October 2014:

New digital sign with two screens gives you twice the attention at a lower cost

The Digi-XL Duo is a new and very sleek standalone model with two back to back screens. The design of it ensures optimal utilisation of your floor area as it will allow you to address people, or users to interact, on both sides of the stand.

Position the Digi-XL Duo in strategic places such as hallways, reception areas or inside shopping malls and your communication or branding message will effectively target and catch the attention of your audience.

Read all about the new Digi-XL Duo here: /products/digital_signage/digi-xl-duo.aspx



July 2014:

New Tabletop tablet display

We're very pleased to present the latest extension of our highly requested tablet integrated range of displays; a tabletop tablet display, fitting any size of tablet and available in any colour.


The first tabletop displays have already been delivered - they are used for visitor registration at a front desk at a Danish University. Images of the tabletop tablet are available on Flickr and don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the new display.





June 2014:

Digital Signage with a Royal touch

Yesterday Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark officially opened a new innovative Green Tech Center that unites leading knowledge and research within the field of green and sustainable energy.


With a single royal touch, onto elegant interactive floor standing signs (Digi-XL) provided by Digi Kiosk, the Crown Prince turned on the advanced Smart Grid that interconnects the state-of-art facility.


The Green Tech Center is the first of its kind and the vision is to establish an internationally recognized Smart Grid testing facility in the middle of Denmark for confirmation of Smart Grid functionality. We congratulate the Green Tech Center with their successful opening and look forward to follow their onward journey.


Images from the opening ceremony are found on our Flickr-profile:


To learn more about Green Tech Center visit:



May 2014:

Next stop: World's first public Art Space

At a Danish train station, digital art has now become an integrated part of the travel experience. The Art Space is the first of its kind in the world and the innovative use of public space is aimed at turning the somewhat ordinary station building into an extraordinary, innovative digital exhibition space.

The Digital Interactive Art Space, also named DIAS, is conceived as an experimental center that invites the citizens to participate in the making of the art works. DIAS is located at the S-train station of Vallensbaek, a suburb to the Danish capital Copenhagen.


Digi Kiosk was selected to deliver a number of interactive outdoor kiosks that provides signage, guidance and information to the many visitors at DIAS - every day of the week, all around the clock. The slim yet vandal-proof kiosks are installed in and around the public area of the train station.


The Art Space was officially opened to the public on 3rd April, and since then numerous train travellers and citizens have enjoyed the exciting variety of exhibitions being displayed. DIAS interprets the station as a platform that creates artistic value and content. The vision is to create inviting space that encourages the curious individual to rethink the relationship between art and reality, making contemporary art a more natural part of travellers' daily lives.


The digital exhibitions unfold a world of art pieces filled with the latest digital technologies such as eye-tracking technology, sophisticated animations, playful contrasts between light and shade, dynamic sounds and interactive video installations - all designed to blur the boundaries between the virtual world and reality.

The exhibitions at DIAS invite you to pause, explore and invest time in the everyday room. So next time you're in Copenhagen, why not take the A-line train from the Central Station to Vallensbaek. In less than 20 minutes you will be entering a new digital world. It's a journey you won't regret.


We encourage you to have a look at our Flickr profile to see images from DIAS or visit to read more about the current and upcoming exhibitions.


Images on Flickr:



May 2014:

Church turn to digital signage

More and more churches turn their attention to modern multimedia communication. Our latest example is found at a church in the Danish city of Slangerup.

A vandal proof kiosk from Digi Kiosk is now positioned outside the church entrance and the screen display important announcements, promote upcoming events with detailed schedules and community news.


You can see images from the church and learn more about our outdoor kiosks at:



March 2014:

Self-service kiosks help Hospital to improve patient satisfaction

OUH, Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital is one of the three university hospitals in Denmark. Thousands of patients are treated at OUH every day. The hospital proactively uses IT and Digital Health to improve quality of patient care.

In order to monitor and improve the care, the hospital performs numerous ongoing surveys of patient satisfaction following hospital treatment. This Spring Digi Kiosk has delivered a number of self-service kiosks that allow patients at the two Departments of Rehabilitation (Rehabiliteringsafdelingerne) to complete online surveys.

The kiosks are space saving Digi-Images all with an in-build keyboard, securing optimal use for all level of users. In general, the level of satisfaction is high. In the latest survey performed at OUH more than 90 % of the patients stated that they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the treatment they received.

You can have a glance at images from the project at Flickr



February 2014:

New Marketing Director added to the Digi Kiosk-team

We're more than happy to announce that we have strengthened our organisation by the appointment of a new Marketing Director, Jesper Mølgaard Jensen.

"As Jesper becomes our new Marketing Director, he brings a relentless drive for communication and visibility to his position. He already holds a valuable insight into the dynamic kiosk and digital signage business and he is fully comfortable with our product assortment and the many valuable opportunities it provides our customers around the world. We're convinced that his work will strengthen our relations both towards existing and new customers and help elevate our growth even further." Carsten Wiis, Managing Director of Digi Kiosk states.

In 2013 Jesper left a position as Marketing Director at Modulex, an internationally leading signage provider. In addition he has worked closely with a high number of companies at executive levels, supporting and driving strategies and changes.

In addition Jesper has joined Digi Kiosk as a co-owner. As of today the shareholders of Digi Kiosk are Managing Director Carsten Wiis, Marketing Director Jesper Mølgaard Jensen and a Danish investment company owned by the Bagger-Sørensen family - the former owner of world known chewing-gum producer Dandy.


December 2013:

Fit any tablet into a elegant floor standing display

"We are very proud to introduce our new tablet-based floor stand to the market. It's characterised by high-quality, timeless Scandinavian design and flexibility; features that are similar to those of our other products", states Carsten Wiis, Managing Director of Digi-Kiosk.

The new floor stand from Digi-Kiosk integrates any 9,7" to 10,2" tablet into a permanent freestanding display providing the customers with many attractive options.

The design of the enclosure also allows you to integrate other new tablet versions later on. You can simply replace the acrylic frame that holds the device in place with one to fit the new choice of tablet, leaving the rest of the kiosk unchanged.  This makes it affordable as well as sustainable, both financially and environmentally. Read more about our new product here: /products/tablet_displays/floor-standing-digi-tablet.aspx



August 2012:

New Domicile and Cooperation Agreement

We are delighted to announce that, as of the 1st of August 2012, Digi Kiosk has moved and is now located at the same site as Modulex, its commercial and production partner. For more information about Modulex please have a look at


Digi Kiosk and Modulex products and materials are closely affiliated. This, together with the modern Modulex production facility, provides a unique opportunity to bring manufacture and assembly in-house making Digi Kiosk more flexible and competitive. Additionally, Digi Kiosk is now able to take advantage of the Modulex painting facility enabling the production of kiosk units in any desired colour.


We very much look forward to this future collaboration and are confident that this will provide a great advantage to all our customers.

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