Here you are: About Us

Made in Denmark

Digi-Kiosk is an innovative and dynamic kiosk and digital signage manufacture located in Denmark.


Since our founding in 2011, we have provided satisfied customers all around the world with professional and interactive kiosk solutions - for indoor as well as outdoor use - digital signage and tablet displays. 


We share production facilities with one of the worlds leading signage producers, Modulex, and this partnership not only ensures a high level of quality, precision and experience in our work - we also constantly work to reduce our footprint on the environment. We're proud to say, that our products are made in Denmark.


The timeless design of our kiosks is in line with the strong Danish design heritage and every product is carefully designed to fit harmoniously into any surrounding and environment.


At Digi-Kiosk we're highly expertised within the field of hardware. We provide the "packaging" in a timeless design at affordable prices. We're not a software producer, but our many years of experience within the industry and thanks to our strong network of reliable partners; we'll always able to guide you to find the optimal software solution for your specific kiosk or digital signage system.


Our dedicated team of employees is always there to help you and we strive to find the optimal solution that meets your needs, no matter the level or size of your request.